Case Study: Surf Sweets Connects Through Successful Blogger
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When Surf Sweets launched their brand of organic and natural candy, they turned to Modus Marketing Group to create awareness within their key target audience - the highly sought after "mom" demographic.


Our approach included a variety of tactics designed to generate maximum impact. A blogger outreach program was implemented to target the key influencers of moms. Key editors who met our criteria were selected to try Surf Sweets and encouraged to share their experience.


We took advantage of existing mom and parenting social networks on both Facebook and Twitter. Generating a mix of content for sharing became a consistent effort that included videos, recipes, blog posts, and more. With a deep understanding of Surf Sweets’ messaging strategy, Modus Marketing Group was able to generate content and actively participate in the online conversation.


Modus Marketing Group delivered measurable results, including increased web traffic, an opt-in email database, and an active community of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Most importantly our program generated an overwhelmingly positive response within the key influencers of the mom demographic. Their trials stimulated user generated content that included blog posts, reviews, videos, tweets and comments.